Professional Data Solutions

Keeping Your Business Secured

Data backup and recovery are also offered by Phoenix Computing Strategies in Gambrills, MD. Count on us for professional technical support solutions you can rely on, including the PhoenixVault Backup Service and Business Continuity Planning for commercial businesses. We help you plan for the unexpected and put solutions in place that will make it easy and quick to bounce back from any level of disaster and get back to work using your IT:

  • Regular backups in PhoenixVault for all of your information technology: not just files, but applications, operating systems, settings, and more.

  • Onsite and offsite storage for your backups, keeping onsite copies for quick and easy recovery, as well as backups in the cloud that are protected from anything that could damage your onsite equipment.

  • Disaster recovery planning to help you create a plan for quick recovery from any level of disaster, focused on getting back to work as quickly and thoroughly as possible after disaster, with a minimum of disruption.

  • Don’t take your livelihood for granted when a little bit of planning and preparation is all you need to stay safe from disaster.

Backups You Can Count On for Fast Recovery

  • Image Backups: PhoenixVault saves everything you use: files, operating system(s), applications, settings, and more. If you restore using our backups, it’s like going back to where you left off.

  • Cloud Storage: PhoenixVault backups in the cloud are protected from anything that could damage the equipment in your office, and they’re easily and safely available via the Internet.

  • Virtualization: PhoenixVault offers the ability to use cloud backups to spin up a virtual copy of your systems. This lets you continue working using your usual applications and other systems outside the office on any computer that can connect to the Internet; perfect if you’re waiting for repairs.

Discuss Your IT Needs With Us

We can help you improve your business processes through modern, innovative technology solutions. Speak with our professionals if you have questions regarding the IT services we offer. Reach us through our landline or email. We look forward to helping you.